Birth 2012

Wellbeing Meditation is a Hub, the basic social and spiritual unit, of the Birth 2012 movement cocreating humanity’s great shift to the age of conscious evolution.

Our key commitment will be to hold an event in celebration of our planet’s Birth Day on December 22, 2012. Our goal for December 22 is to reach and inspire 100 million people. We expect that hundreds or even thousands of other hubs worldwide will partake of this great initiatory event. You can check out the currently registered hubs in our hub map.

Joining together, we can ‘gentle the birth' of a Universal Humanity and guide our Earth community into its next evolutionary stage. Summarizing where we are in the evolutionary process of our birth as universal humans and what we need to do now to accelerate our delivery. ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard   Barbara Marx Hubbard has been a powerful creative force in the development of emerging human potentials for over sixty years. A pioneer in the field of conscious evolution and the author of Conscious Evolution and Emergence.

Birth 2012 - Let's Co-Create a Global Birth Day


Understanding importance of conscious evolution

Birth 2012 and Beyond is a prophetic call for a shift into a new era of conscious evolution. It offers the vision and roadmap for you to join a global movement that’s transforming our current crises into the birth of a sustainable global civilization. 

Includes groundbreaking contributions from Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Jean Houston, Neale Donald Walsch, James O’Dea, Lynne McTaggart and more.

Birth 2012 and Beyond envisions a future to embrace with love rather than face with fear. It offers individual and collective tools for giving birth to what is most beautiful in ourselves and in the world around us. Barbara Marx Hubbard is our undisputed planetary midwife.”
Marianne Williamson, New York Times #1 bestselling author

“Conscious evolution, a concept that Barbara Marx Hubbard has championed for decades, is one of the best two or three ideas of modern times.”
Ken Wilber, author of The Integral Vision

“When I saw our precious planet from space, I recognized that we must shift our consciousness and culture before we destroy our fragile home. This inspired and visionary book offers profound wisdom for how to make the shift in time.”
—Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut, founder of Institute of Noetic Sciences

“Success in building a sustainable world is impossible without the kind of inspired heart-focused vision that Barbara provides in this important book.”
—Alisa Gravitz, executive director of Green America

“Imagine bringing together the world’s most conscious innovators into a single campaign of personal and global transformation. What new possibilities might be unleashed? This book by our beloved visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard and her team of transformational leaders shows you how to think way out of the box—exactly what we now need!”
—Chip Conley, founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels and author of Emotional Equations

“Barbara Marx Hubbard is a true pioneer of evolutionary spirituality. Long before the rest of us, she awakened to the ‘impulse of evolution’ and became tangibly transformed by it. Her life is a compelling story of a relentless and passionate commitment to a new conception of what it means to be human in a cosmos that is awakening to itself. Birth 2012 and Beyond is a powerful introduction to her life’s message and mission.”
—Andrew Cohen, founder of EnlightenNext, author of Evolutionary Enlightenment

“Barbara Marx Hubbard is regarded across the United States and around the world as a breathtaking visionary and a brilliant conceptualizer whose insights astonish and excite the human heart, and so, are sought after everywhere.”
—Neale Donald Walsh, author of the Conversations with God series

“There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Marx Hubbard – who helped introduce the concept of futurism to society—is the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced.”
—Buckminster Fuller

“Barbara is a true visionary, demonstrating by her words and actions her commitment to a sustainable future.”
—John Denver

“Renowned as a futurist, Barbara Marx Hubbard also plants her feet firmly in today.”
—Gene Roddenberry