Sustainable Development

A keynote session from the Responsible Business Summit Europe 2019. The SDGs have created a focus of impact that’s widely understood by investors, NGOs, academics and Governments. Hear from leading organizations and businesses on how they’re using the SDGs as a central starting point for their future business strategies.

Urgent action is needed to accelerate delivery towards the Sustainable Development Goals. This year, the UK was glad to join other Member States in presenting our first Voluntary National Review. We remain committed to accelerating progress, with a focus on leaving no-one behind.

On Friday, 17 May 2019 the UN hosted a conference on using Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness to achieve the SDGs

Experts in the field of Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness, as well as representatives from the UN Member States and civil society, discussed the need for these practices and skills if we hope to achieve a more peaceful and prosperous world.

Speakers included:

Daniel Goleman, Michele Nevarez, Bintou Keita, Chris Ruane, Rich Fernandez, Patricia Freedman and Alain Seid.

Start of the complete 4 hour conference.

Start of the excellent presentation by Rich Fernandez, CEO of the Google Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. (20 min)

Chris Ruane is the creator of the UK Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group (MAPPG) and talks about integrating mindfulness into legislative organizations. (15 min)

Transforming our World ~ 2018 UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development ~ ‘Sustainable Development is the path to Happiness’

In July, at a High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), the UK will be one of 51 countries conducting a ‘Voluntary National Review’ of its commitments under the Global Goals on the world stage. This is an important moment to review progress, and to renew our commitment to delivering the Goals. At a time of political turbulence, with the current Brexit negotiations and uncertainty about the role of ‘Global Britain’, RESULTS is calling for senior Ministerial-level attendance at the HLPF, to help spur on greater action to deliver the Goals by 2030.

Please help us achieve this by writing to Secretary of State Penny Mordaunt, thanking her for her support for the Global Goals, and asking her to attend the HLPF in person.

Professor Jeffrey Sachs’ 14 min Keynote Speech

on 9th July 2018 begins at 32:35 minutes.

Please scroll forward for the start

of the introduction.

The 2018 SDG Index and Dashboards Report

Published on 16th February 2019

By producing billions of clothes every year, the fast fashion industry is also releasing waste and chemicals into our world, polluting and driving species to the brink of extinction. Is there a solution to being both fashionable and sustainable? #SustainableMe

One of the major environmental determinants of health, and there is good evidence it has significant impact on, amongst other things, the incidence and severity of cardiovascular disease and lung health. It has both short and long-term health effects, and has a particular impact on children as they grow.

SDG Goals

This UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognise that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan. We are resolved to free the human race from the tyranny of poverty and want and to heal and secure our planet. We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path.

"Saying the SDGs apply to all countries doesn’t just mean we have to sort out our own homelessness problems or fix poor education outcomes. It means that the rich countries have to recognise their own role in poverty around the world. We must find ways to share intellectual property; we must reduce inequality in our country but also between countries; we must support technology transfer and economic development in poorer countries; and we must help develop capacity for democracy, data gathering, and evidence-based decision-making. Because the SDGs are for everyone. "~ Ricci from the Macclesfield RESULTS group

170 world leaders - 17 SDGs

In September 2015, 170 world leaders gathered at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York to adopt the 2030 Agenda. The new Agenda covers a broad set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 167 targets and will serve as the overall framework to guide global and national development action for the next 15 years.


We are determined to end poverty and hunger, in all their forms and dimensions, and to ensure that all human beings can fulfil their potential in dignity and equality and in a healthy environment.


We are determined to protect the planet from degradation, including through sustainable consumption and production, sustainably managing its natural resources and taking urgent action on climate change, so that it can support the needs of the present and future generations.


We are determined to ensure that all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives and that economic, social and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature.


We are determined to foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies which are free from fear and violence. There can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development.


We are determined to mobilise the means required to implement this Agenda through a revitalised Global Partnership for Sustainable Development, based on a spirit of strengthened global solidarity, focused in particular on the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable and with the participation of all countries, all stakeholders and all people. The interlinkages and integrated nature of the Sustainable Development Goals are of crucial importance in ensuring that the purpose of the new Agenda is realised. If we realize our ambitions across the full extent of the Agenda, the lives of all will be profoundly improved and our world will be transformed for the better.

 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)