Air Pollution

Air Pollution is one of the major environmental determinants of health, and there is good evidence it has significant impact on, amongst other things, the incidence and severity of cardiovascular disease and lung health. It has both short and long-term health effects, and has a particular impact on children as they grow.

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Why Is Mindfulness Such a Hot Topic Right Now?

People have always needed help getting present and staying focused. Today, we face a much greater challenge. Computer and digital technologies have placed an overabundance of distracting devices in our hands. We are overwhelmed with an avalanche of information.

The problem with Mental Pollution (negative mental habits) is that only you can address and correct them. Buddhists call these habits the “monkey mind”—endlessly chattering and scrambling about to no discernible purpose.

Thought Pollution ~ Dr. Tazeen Siddiqui

The main cause which brings this pollution in the city,state or country is the# thought process of the people , ignorance and irresponsibility# are the main causes that bring in pollution in the place.

Once we understand our responsibility to keep the environment healthy for us and for our future generations will automatically eradicate pollution from the place so before concentrating on other kinds of pollution as air,water or road ,we need to eradicate the most important pollution that once eradicated will eradicate the other pollution automatically and that is # Thoughts pollution#

Thought Pollution is the main pollution that encourages the other kinds of pollution so once we work on our Thoughts transformation of understanding, hygiene and safety all the other things will be lined up in most effective way .

#Transform the Thoughts to Transform the nation#

Thought Pollution ~ Smitaz

We are aware of noise, water and air pollution. There is also thought pollution on this earth. Thought pollution is defined as contamination of inner peace by negative thoughts.

Thinking is an important tool for human beings. We think, so we can solve our problems. When we start creating problems in our head, thoughts become problems.

Our thoughts have frequencies to attract similar thoughts. E.g. when we think inspiring thoughts, our next thoughts will also be inspiring, unless this frequency gets interrupted by a different thought e.g. an insult by your boss.

Once our thought gets contaminated by a negative thought, similar thoughts will get attracted. When we fall asleep, we do not think. Our brains are working but we do not think. If we sleep for 7-8 hours, we wake up refreshed. This is the best time to think positive thoughts because we get to start a new string of thoughts.

Start your day with appreciation for life. You will think similar thoughts throughout your day. When this string gets interrupted by an outside negative thought, start appreciating again. Appreciation is the best way to keep the mind clear of negative thinking.

This is not a onetime process. Just as we clean our bodies every day, we must clean our minds every day.