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Action for Happiness Stall - New Malden Fair - 2017

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"Fortunately, we were blessed with gorgeous warm weather and plenty of sunshine for the New Malden fair. The High Street was awash with colour, music and life, running all the way down both sides of the road, from the roundabout to the station. As I made my way through, keeping an eye out for the Action for Happiness stall, I felt thrilled to be part of such a buzzing and fun event.

I easily spotted our pitch: decked out in green with a wealth of Action for Happiness literature, and festooned with a rainbow of gratitude ribbons in an arch at the front - it radiated positive energy. The tables heaved with blank gratitude labels and ribbons, homemade samosas, gold-wrapped fudges, pots of bubbles, postcards, leaflets, booklets, happy badges and the '12 Keys to Happier Living' books. And behind all this sat the personification of happiness in action himself - Yoga - eyes, twinkling, grinning from ear to ear and project managing the whole operation with an abundance of love. He had even invited a lady selling second-hand jewellery in aid of Macmillan to set up shop under the gazebo because she had been let down on her own space across the road that morning.

My fellow volunteers and I set to work challenging passers-by to pick a Random Act of Kindness from our lucky dip and commit to it. We promoted the local weekly mindfulness practice meeting, open to everyone looking to nourish their soul. We also told intrigued listeners about the mission objectives of AfH and the GREAT DREAM guidance for a happy life. Those postcards proved very popular! "Stick it on the fridge for a reminder every time you open it", I advised.

We inspired the young and the advanced young of New Malden to scribble down a few things they were grateful for on a luggage label, then tie it to the string arches at the front of the stand with a ribbon in a colour they liked. We ended up with about 50 and they looked beautiful. The samosas were a huge hit and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who had the opportunity to eat one. By the time it got to 3 o'clock, I was sad to leave, but I had a commitment to get to. My sister met me and I could tell she was impressed by our dedication to the good things in life. I walked away with a sense of pride, a feeling of joy in my heart and a smile across my face."

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