Thursday 15 December - Mindfulness Practice Group

Post date: Dec 10, 2016 12:04:17 PM

Dear Mindfulness Practice Group Member,

Have a Merry “Mindful” Christmas

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How mindfulness could give you the gift of a calmer ChristmasIn the run-up to Christmas we find our to-do lists bloated with added chores: present shopping, card writing, preparing to travel or receive guests. We are bombarded with adverts telling us what to buy and where. We tackle the shopping crowds searching for the perfect gift and the juiciest turkey. Our energy and purses are pulled in all directions while we limp on at work waiting for the holiday to arrive.As the day approaches we may dream of happy families singing around the fire or worry whether everyone will like their gifts or if there will be arguments. Media images distort our expectations of the perfect Christmas with celebrities advising us on the recipes and crafts to add extra joy to the holidays. Continue reading this article by Anna Leyland PhD student, University of Sheffield.

New Members

Our weekly group provides support to develop and maintain your mindfulness practice. “It’s a simple and generous rule of life that whatever you practice, you will improve at.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert. Please arrive by 18:25 latest as the door is locked at 18:30. New members should visit this page to read about meditation room access:

Love & Om


Mindfulness Practice Group

Dear Mindful Readers,

You don’t have to believe everything you think. Practicing mindfulness allows you to step back from the narrative you weave about yourself and see it as malleable—even arbitrary. Our story is not fixed, and we don’t have to fix ourselves. When you’re caught up in feelings of unworthiness and self doubt, here are three mindfulness practices you can try:

1) Thoughts are not facts. When you’re stuck on a negative thought, here is a practice for becoming aware of the storylines you create in your mind.

2) Change the narrative—this helps you let go of ruminating thoughts. Here are 5 science-backed strategies to build resilience.

3) Picture your best possible self. Try this 3-step practice to foster optimism and help motivate you to realize your goals.

Here’s hoping you all find moments to enjoy being mindful this week.