Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation is one of of the foundations of the neural reconditioning training process and the brain wave frequency upon which you build the structures of new beliefs, goals and aspirations to your nonconscious brain. While many people associate meditation with relaxation, its central impact is training your brain to focus on exactly what you want to achieve while creating new neural pathways to match your vision.

Meditation puts you in control of your brain waves so you can acquire an awareness of who and what you really are. By focusing on your breath and our precision language patterns and brain altering stories, you will be able to tune in to finer signals and pick up information crucial to achieving your financial and business goals.

Regular meditation trains your brain to hold its focus without getting distracted. It changes your brain from a clear pane of glass to a magnifying glass and then a laser—etching the image of your new life and results deep into your subconscious mind. Observation and focus are critical in the quantum universe. There is no focus in the universe more powerful than precise intention.

How you will benefit: Guided Meditation is a powerful process for retraining your brain and through proper “Innercise” you will see your aspirations come into focus. Meditation conditions your brain, allowing you to tap into the source of your ideas—the source of infinite consciousness.

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