Welcome Letter

Thank you for your interest in mindfulness. A 2002 study by Dr. Corey Keyes from Emory University asked a simple yet profound question. Of the general population, how many people are mentally ill, healthy or flourishing? The results are astounding.

Here’s what he found. Of the 3,032 participants in the study, only 17.2% of people were flourishing. Then 56.6% were moderately mentally healthy, 12.1% percent were languishing and 14.1% fit the DSM criteria for major depressive disorder.

It gets better. Up until recently, most psychology research focused on how to get that depressed population less depressed. “What about the majority of people who aren’t depressed?” you ask. Great question!

That’s exactly what mindfulness, one of the ten keys to happier living, from the field of Positive Psychology is all about. It is also exactly the kind of practice you’re going to encounter here at The Mindfulness Practice Group, where we are dedicated to your personal and professional flourishing.

Visit the Ten Keys to Happier Living book below to find out. This fantastic book from positive psychology expert Vanessa King, reveals how we can unlock the science of happiness to lead happier lives, move people from languishing to flourishing and create a happier world. “What does it mean to be languishing?” It’s like that feeling you get when you get in your car and start driving only to realise you’ve left the emergency brake on.

You know… that uncomfortable feeling of working but feeling like you’re not really getting anywhere and everything feels hard. You’re not quite depressed, but you sure aren’t happy.

These Mindfulness practices we share with you have been proven to support people in moving “north of neutral” in their life before they get clinically depressed and support your personal flourishing and good mental health.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Thursday Mindfulness Practice Group and trust that these mindfulness practices will empower and help you flourish the way they have thousands of people who have incorporated them into their lives.

Warmest wishes,

Yoga Bowers

Mindfulness Practice Group

Kingston & New Malden